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SQL Server V.Next with Support on Linux, Windows and Containers

SQL Server V.Next is all about providing choice. Get all the experiences brought by SQL Server 2016 and more, on the deployment environment of your choice. Use the product from various programming languages, explore and manage it using various tools, run it on-premises or in the cloud. Come to this session to hear what’s coming with SQL Server V.Next, see several illustrative demos, and learn how the engineering team developing SQL Server is thinking about the product’s future. Since //build conference will take place a couple of days before NTK, this session may be a chance to take a closer look at some exciting new announcements!

Dražen Šumić


Drazen is a group program manager in Microsoft Database Systems, leading a team focusing on several core SQL Server scenarios, both on-premise and in cloud. He has been contributing to development of Microsoft's data processing technologies for about 6 years, as a program manager developing various aspects of SQL Server, Azure SQL Database, Analytics Platform System, and HDInsight. He is passionate about enabling users to achieve more by focusing on their apps and relying on the data platform to reliably perform the complex and tedious tasks. Prior to his Microsoft career, he has been developing CAD and simulation software, as a developer and a dev team lead, for about 7 years.