App Service - Web App for Containers

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Are you interested in building your new web-based product and looking for a way to simplify deployment and reach ultimate scalability and availability? Join this session to learn how to effectively use Microsoft Azure App Service - Web App for Containers to host ASP.NET Core applications containerized with Docker. We will walk through different container related offerings on Microsoft Azure platform, and demonstrate several different flows on how deployments can be done.

Admir Tuzović

App Impact d.o.o.

Admir Tuzović is Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft Azure and former Technical Evangelist at Microsoft office in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He has been actively programming since early 90's - started with Borland C++ in DOS and ended up developing enterprise grade systems on top of Microsoft Azure. Admir is currently working as CTO in company App Impact, and in his free time he is creating courses for Pluralsight.

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