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Applying AI to Medical Imaging on Azure

Predavanje je v angleškem jeziku.

In this talk, I would like to discuss the holistic architecture for running AI training and inference applied to medical images on Azure. I will discuss InnerEye OSS, and open-source tooling to train state of the art 3D models, Healthcare APIs with DICOM server, and other technologies relevant to building this kind of solutions.

Andrey Vykhodtsev

Microsoft d.o.o.

Andrey Vykhodtsev works at Microsoft as a Regional Advanced Analytics & AI Architect, covering Central and Eastern Europe. Andrey has more than 15 years of experience building scalable analytics on open source and vendor technologies and a track record of senior Advanced Analytics architect and team leader roles in the companies like Teradata, Deutsche Bank, and IBM.  Andrey is a data science practitioner, fluent in Python, an expert and a trainer in open source projects like Apache Hadoop and Spark, and an organizer of various data science and big data-related events and meetups in Eastern Europe.

Estera Kot


Estera is passionate about creating ethical and human-serving innovations based on cloud computing, data and artificial intelligence. She has an electrical engineering and computer science background mixed with 10years of experience in different roles across Research, Development and Management. Currently, she works at Microsoft as Senior Technical Program Manager for Big Data area.