Automated BI solution With Excel in 60 minutes

Excel has gone far beyond being just a Spreadsheet. The Power Query (Get & Transform) and Power Pivot (Data Model) capabilities have made Excel a tool for modern Data Scientists. In this session, we will build a Data model getting data with Power Query from various sources including Excel, Azure SQL Server and Web sites. After that, we will Transform data and load it into Power Pivot. In the end, we will end up with a full blown automated BI solution that no Data Scientist would frown upon.

Gašper Kamenšek

Excel Olympics

Gašper Kamenšek is an Excel MVP and a self-proclaimed BI enthusiast. In his work as Excel Trainer, he combines two great passions of his, love for teaching and love for Excel. His determination to spread knowledge in Excel also made him start an Excel blog in May of 2014. It’s called Excel Unplugged and can be found at

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