Azure Networking Inside and Out

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Azure Networking is fundamental in Azure IaaS and the first step in moving or extending your DataCenter to cloud. This session covers all aspects of Azure Networking, from IP addresses, VNets, to P2S, S2S and ExpressRoute connections. We discuss how IP addresses are assigned, how to reserve IP addresses, the difference between IP address types, create VNet/subnet, assign new VM to your VNet/subnet, connect your local network to VNet, connection between different VNets, connect VNet on different subscriptions, and more. Every step is covered in live demo and real-world examples.

Mustafa Toroman

Authority Partners d.o.o.

Works as System Engineer with Authority Partners. Main tasks are planning, deploying and maintenance of server and cloud infrastructure and solutions. Lately most interested and focused on Azure solutions. Over 30 MS certificates such as MCITP: Database Administrator 2008, Server Administrator on Windows Server 2008 MCSA:Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012 MCSE:Private Cloud, Business Intelligence, Data Platform, Server Infrastructure,Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, Data Management and Anayltics, MCSD: Azure Solution Architect. Speaker on conferences like MS Network, Tarabica, MS Sinergija, MS Windays, MSCommunity BiH conference, Kulendeyz, Azure Saturday Munich, Techday 2015, MS Ignite 2017, UC and Cloud day... MCT since 2012 and Microsoft MVP for last 3 years.

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