Ethical Hacking & Exercising Response

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Kieren Lovell (Head of the Computer Emergency Response Team) at the University of Cambridge, will run a session on how to conduct ethical hacking exercises within your organization; with focus on the benefits of generating Open Source intelligence profiles against your organization. This will lead on how best to develop this into a whole organization response.

Kieren Lovell

Kieren Niĉolas OU

Kieren Lovell, a former naval Lieutenant Commander, heads up the computer emergency response team at the University of Cambridge - Europe's largest private IT network. He is now helping Metin Mitchell & Co's clients to test the resilience of their IT systems against cybersecurity risks, identifying talent issues and creating plans to improve security. During his time with the British and Norwegian Naval Forces, he was responsible for testing Information Security (IS) procedures and exercising those skills within whole ship exercises. He has now set up hacking exercises between Tallinn University of Technology - a global leader in IT research - and the University of Cambridge.

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