Gain visibility into your apps with Azure Application Insights

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In the world of constantly evolving apps and continuous deployments, knowing what is happening with your app and users can make or break your customer experience. You want to proactively detect issues as they occur and fix them before they start affecting your users. Application Insights, an intelligent Application Performance Monitoring service, provides instant analytics over your application logs and telemetry. It includes fast, easy, and non-intrusive analytics tools to interactively diagnose problems and answer challenging questions. It also integrates seamlessly with your existing DevOps workflows. For instance, you can surface performance data in Visual Studio, link to releases and work items in Visual Studio Team Services, and access telemetry in Azure Monitor and Operations Management Suite (OMS). Join us to experience the latest capabilities through a live demo and learn about our strategy and roadmap.

Vlatko Ivanovski


Vlatko Ivanovski is Microsoft MVP for ALM (Visual Studio Development Platform). Currently working as a DevOps & ALM Manager at Avanade, United Kingdom. With more than 16 years of IT experience and strong technical & development background, he has provided a strong business foundation in Managing ICTs. He is highly experienced DevOps & ALM professional with proven management and technical skills and demonstrates the ability to build/lead/mentor teams of other IT technical personnel in different IT functions. He is part of ALM Rangers where continuously contributes in providing valuable extensions and guidance for VSTS / TFS. After joining Avanade he has been part of the most complex and challenging enterprise solutions in the variety of industries (Gov, Insurance, Banking). His passion is continuously to explore and implement practices over managing the overall process of developing software solutions and deliver it using the latest technologies and techniques.

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