How Far Can ‘Serverless’ Actually Go? 

Predavanje je v angleškem jeziku.

Azure Functions is getting a lot of traction, which is completely understandable in the fast-paced world of applications developed using Agile methodologies. Comparing the world of IT and software development today with the one 10 years ago, when we knew not only what operating system our application was going to run on but also the exact part number of the server that was running the workload, we can only conclude that PaaS infrastructures have gone a far way!  But how far? How far can you go and is actually advisable to go when it comes to externalizing your infrastructure, anyway?   Throughout this fast-paced advanced talk we will take the real micro-services way and develop a full application, top-to-bottom using Azure Functions. Seatbelt buckled yet? 

Alex Mang

KeyTicket Solutions

Alex Mang is an Azure MVP, Microsoft Certified Trainer and regular conference and user groups speaker focusing mostly on cloud-computing topics, thus aiming to help developers better understand the implications of cloud-computing as a whole. As an Azure Advisor, he regularly offers Azure teams in Redmond feedback on upcoming Azure features and services. Alex dedicates a lot of his time developing his ISV involved in the event management and ticketing industry and also invests lots of time teaching software architectural and cloud computing patterns at user groups, conferences and privately-owned companies around Europe. Whenever he’s not in the office, he’s either recording video tutorials with O’Reilly, giving software development trainings, writing articles or working on open-source Azure-related libraries in GitHub repos.

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