Make better Xamarin.Forms apps with Prism and MVVM

Predavanje je v angleškem jeziku.

Xamarin.Forms out-of-the-box provides support for the implementation of MVVM Pattern. MVVM as a pattern allows us to completely separate the views and models of our application. Application development using Xamarin.Forms sometimes can be problematic, and as one of the possible solutions to these problems is the use of external frameworks ... in the opinion of many developers, Prism is one of the most powerful mvvm frameworks today and is available as support for development of Xamarin.Forms applications. Prism was originally created by Microsoft, and is currently being supported by open source community. This lecture aims to familiarize participants with the opportunities and benefits that Prism provides in comparison to the classic development approach, most of the presentation time we will go through practical (demo) examples and demonstrate the implementation and strength of Prism framework in a one Xamarin.Forms application.

Almir Vuk

App Impact

.NET Mobile and Web developer - Microsoft Student Partner Country Lead - Microsoft Certified Professional. Frequent speaker at Microsoft events and User Group meetings in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In free time loves to write blog posts, help community on StackOverflow and MSDN forums, or be instructor at NGO programming related events. Completely dedicated to Software Development, mostly on the .NET platform using C# and ASP.NET for web and Xamarin for mobile development. Since childhood in love with IT and all that comes with it. In programming since 2009 or more precisely from the seventh grade in middle school.

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