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Security Pitfalls for Software Engineers

Predavanje je v angleškem jeziku.

Cyber-security as a broader form of protection of all IT resources has long ceased to be a luxury. On the contrary, it has become an imperative. Today, we are witnessing that companies and the whole IT ecosystem may cease to exist overnight if there is a major or minor breach of security parameters (also known as "data breaches"). The following session will help you to significantly reduce the risk of the development process and create secure enough software products and services. One of the ultimate goals in your cyber-security strategy would be achieved by having a red-and-blue team inside your ecosystem.

Jasmin Azemović

HTEC Group

CISO and University Professor active in the areas of information security, privacy, forensic analysis and databases. Author of the books: Writing T-SQL Queries for Beginners Using Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Securing SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server on Linux. Microsoft MVP (Data Platform since 2009). Speaker on many regional IT conferences, events, and panels.

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