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Smart Contracts & dApps : Preventing best speaker election fraud!

Predavanje je v angleškem jeziku.

A blockchain is a new form of processing conceptualization that takes the distributed computing idea to a whole new level. There are a lot of advantages to it and as a result, it is now increasingly gaining popularity from all over the globe in the IT industry and offers incredible use cases besides crypto-currencies. Applications in Supply Chain Management, Self-Sovereign Identity, Certificates, and Escrow are all based on Smart Contracts. This session gives a brief introduction to Smart Contracts and takes the first step towards dApp (Distributed App) development. Get to know some of the development tools and take a step into the Blockchain Ecosystem and in the end, find out how to prevent election fraud!

Luka Gospodnetić


Luka Gospodnetić is an ICT expert with extensive experience in the telecommunication, retail, logistics, healthcare, and gaming industries. Life drove him through various positions, from development, architecting solutions, and team leading to management positions. It landed him in his current position as a freelance expert who helps clients tackle their software development problems. Luka has almost 20 years of industry experience focusing on enterprise technologies and solutions. He is passionate about technology and development and frequently speaks at ICT conferences on various interesting topics, including development, architecture, and managing development teams. He likes reading books, hiking, and playing basketball in his spare time.