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Why DevOps and how do we implement it?

Predavanje je v angleškem jeziku.

We will talk about DevOps as a concept for transforming the workflow of technical teams and their approach to the development of agile and customer focused applications. The benefits of DevOps will be presented based on existing research and experience of Microsoft as a company that went through a similar transformation in the last few years. Most importantly we will put the concept in practice by setting up a simple application on the web while using modern Azure-based tooling (GitHub + Azure App Service) during the session.

Primoz Kocevar

Microsoft d.o.o.

Passionate about making agile applications for 5+ years. I finished my Master of Electrical Engineering at the Missouri University of Science & Technology, where I researched how modern development methodologies and tools contribute to the quality of Software products. Connecting this research with our customers' business priorities in the last two years as a part of Microsoft.