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Building Hybrid applications on Windows Azure - Windows Azure AppFabric: Service Bus and Access Control

As one of the key platform providers for enterprise solutions today, Microsoft realizes that there are very many assets in corporate datacenters that are not easily moved to the cloud. A lot of data is subject to government or corporate regulation about data protection that does not allow for the data to be hosted off-site and over the past decade, companies have made enormous investments in streamlining and integrating their applications in ways that make it not particularly attractive to break out parts of that integration chain and move them off into the cloud as insular solutions. The Windows Azure AppFabric’s Service Bus and Access Control services which we will introduce in this session are about bridging these gaps and to provide application-to-application connectivity and access control federation across network and trust scopes

Clemens Vasters

Clemens Vasters is Principal Technical Lead on the Windows Azure AppFabric team at Microsoft in Redmond. He is co-architect for the Service Bus feature area and focuses on Service Bus protocols and interfaces, gathering and discussing requirements with customers as well as contributing directly to the product code base. Before joining Microsoft, Clemens co-owned a consulting and training company in Germany and spoke at well over 300 events in over 40 countries. Clemens is no stranger to Slovenia and NT konferenca. He’s been speaking at NT konferenca for 6 straight years between 2001 and 2006 and also at various training and roadshow events in Bled, Portoroz, and Ljubljana and he is really excited to come back for the 15th anniversary of the conference