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Software Engineering Workshop (seminar - 4. dan)

If you are a project manager, developer, or a member of QA, and you want to find out how to make your team more productive, run less stressful projects, and produce higher quality software, this is the workshop for you. This Software Engineering Workshop consists of two parts. In the morning, the attendees will hear from Marin Bezic, ex-Microsoft dev manager, about the need for ALM, based on his personal experiences from developing SQL Server Analysis Services in Redmond. Marin will describe the journey that the Analysis Services team took from being a „startup“ inside Microsoft (with very relaxed definition of software engineering) to being a well oiled dev machine. Marin will discuss how ALM tools helped his dev team improve predictability, productivity, efficiency, while reducing stress of the team members. In the morning session, you will hear some of the best practices from one of the Microsoft dev teams. Finally, Marin will share with you some of the common issues in software development that he has observed while working with IT organizations in the region. In the afternoon, Ognjen Bajic, the only Microsoft VSTS MVP in the region, will discuss Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server 2010, the newest release of Microsoft ALM suite. Ognjen will show how these tools make it easy to implement some of the best project management (Agile/Scrum) practices, improve team communication and collaboration, gain visibility into the project status and monitor progress, etc. Ognjen will also demonstrate how to use VS and TFS to automate software quality control, using increasingly more expensive and more powerful techniques – static code analysis, gated check-in, unit tests and automated UI tests. Finally, Ognjen will discuss and demonstrate integration of all these techniques in an end-to-end Build-Deploy-Test workflow using virtualized test environments in Visual Studio Lab Management. Agenda: 9:00 Introduction 9:15 How we built MS SQL BI – best practices from Redmond on dev culture, teams, and projects (Marin Bezić) 10:30 Odmor 10:45 How we built MS SQL BI – best practices from Redmond on dev, test, security, and support (Marin Bezić) 12:00 Kosilo 12:45 Agile software development using Scrum and Visual Studio 2010 (Ognjen Bajić) 14:00 Odmor 14:15 Automating software quality control with Visual Studio 2010 (Ognjen Bajić) 15:30 Summary + Q&A

Marin Bezic

Marin Bezić (Concero) je osem let preživel v Redmondu, v samem jedru razvoja Microsoft SQL Server BI-komponent. V času njegovega dela v razvojni ekipi strežnika SQL Server, je Microsoft na trg lansiral tri različice izdelka. Zadnja leta v Redmondu je opravljal vlogo Vodje razvoja za Analysis Services. Štiri leta je kot menedžer poslovanja in marketinga preživel v regijah Microsoft EMEA in Microsoft CEE, od septembra 2009 pa je neodvisni svetovalec v Reki na Hrvaškem in nadvse priljubljen predavatelj. Na letošnji konferenci ga bomo med drugim poslušali tudi na enem od tematskih seminarjev pokonferenčnega dne.  

Ognjen Bajić

Ognjen Bajic is an architect and project manager at the Croatian company Ekobit (www.ekobit.com). Previously, for more than a decade he was a full time C++ and .NET developer. Ognjen manages teams that develop commercial software packages, some of which are sold in hundreds of thousands of copies. His main points of interest are the agile software development methodologies used to develop high quality, (almost :-)) bug free software. He has been working with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System since summer 2004 and has been speaking extensively about his experiences at various local and international events like Microsoft WinDays, Microsoft TechEd, TeamConf and Basta!. Ognjen has been awarded MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Visual Studio ALM (previously Team System) for five consecutive years since 2006. In addition to that Ognjen is a PMP (Project Management Professional), MCSD and MCSD.NET (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) and MCTS:TFS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist:Team Foundation Server)