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Active Directory News in Server 2012: New Tools, New Ideas, Old Tasks Simplified

Server 8's on the way, and with every new version of Server comes a bunch of new goodies for us AD administrators. Server 8 carries on this tradition with a few big changes and a larger number of small -- but very welcome -- changes.  First, if you know anything at all about Server 8 then you're probably guessing that AD gets a bit more virtualization-friendly... and your guess would be right.  With pre-8 versions of server, virtualizing a DC and then rolling back a snapshot on that virtual DC without doing a bit of arcane Registry fiddling is, well, one of the quickest ways around to screw up your AD, but try that with a Server 8-based DC, and it's problem-free.  Furthermore, once you've got that virtual DC set up, just a few mouse clicks and a minute or two with Notepad lets Hyper-V clone that DC quickly and easily, making deploying virtual DCs a snap, as well as greatly simplifying disaster recovery plans.  Ever had to figure out how constrained delegation works in Server, but walked away kind of feeling as though it sort of worked backwards from what you'd expected?  Server 8 fixes that.  It also reduces the pain of running Key Management Servers KMS because now AD-joined systems can receive their Windows Activation from their domain controllers.  Those DCs can automatically unlock their BitLockered drives as well, simplifying BitLocker management a bit.Finally, Active Directory Administrative Center ADAC, the new AD administrative GUI tool first introduced in 2008 R2, shakes off its "gawky adolescent" feel and has matured into a worthy successor to Active Directory Users and Computers, which has been semi-retired in Windows 8.  Server 8's ADAC not only takes the two 2008 and R2 AD tools most needing a GUI -- the Recycle Bin and Flexible Password Policies -- and gives them that GUI.  Even better, ADAC now sports a "PowerShell view" window such that whenever you push a button in ADAC, the window shows you what PowerShell command would have accomplished the same thing.  The result?  Simply doing your administrative tasks with ADAC becomes a quick-and-easy introduction to PowerShell, putting  you on the fast track to becoming an AD automation stud.  Join 10-year Directory Services MVP, veteran AD teacher, best-selling writer and consultant Mark Minasi, about whom one TechEd attendee said, "only THIS guy could make Kerberos entertaining!," in this fun, fast-paced look at the "good news" about Server 8's AD!-Discover what Server 8's AD offers in a quick, concise, easy-to-understand manner-Learn how Server 8's Active Directory changes the game when it comes to virtualization-Get a quick introduction to AD's new management tools

Mark Minasi


Mark Minasi (MR&D) je avtor številnih uspešnic, pisec, komentator in svetovalec na področju informacijskih tehnologij. Najbolj poznan je po svojih delih "Mastering Windows Server" in "Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide". Je izredno priljubljen govorec in vodja seminarjev na tehničnih konferencah po svetu, saj s sproščenim in zabavnim pristopom tudi najbolj poglobljenim tehničnim vsebinam vdihne preprostost in zabavnost, pri svojem delu pa je osredotočen na operacijske sisteme in omrežja.