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Building Service Layer with ASP.NET Web API

Web API is the simplest way to write a REST-based HTTP interface into your application. Portable Class Libraries will be examined as a reusable method of delivering managed code that wraps your Web API and provides access to it to all of the popular Microsoft environments – phone, modern, desktop, and cloud. You’ll be shown how to test a Web API both from Fiddler and from the new NuGet package containing a Test Client that’s built right into the new-and-improved Web API Help Page. Some familiar technologies will be used in the coding demonstrations (which there will be many) in this session. You’ll get slices of Inversion of Control with Web API along the way, and how you could share services between Web API, SignalR, and ASP.NET MVC. If time permits, some upcoming new features that are bubbling up into the nightly builds of the web stack will be toured, too. Features like CORS support for Web API and how you can use it to truly provide support for your API across even external-site JavaScript code.

Brady Gaster


Brady Gaster is a Windows Azure Technical Evangelist with Microsoft who focuses on helping web developers understand the benefits of using Windows Azure to develop and host their web applications and APIs. His recent interests involve connecting devices like the Kinect, Netduino, and robotics platforms to Windows Azure to demonstrate the powerful combination of physical and cloud computing platforms. He also enjoys finding creative ways to use SignalR, the groundbreaking open-source persistent HTTP abstraction