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Manage Server 2012 Like a Pro or, Better, Like an Evil Overlord!

Server 2012 comes with a real treasure trove of useful new tools, but none of those tools are of any value if you don't know how to install them, start them up and point them where you want them to go. Setup has changed little, but then there's the "Core or not?" question. In 2012, though, next question is "so does Server 2012 have a GUI at all?," and the answer is "sure... four GUIs in fact, counting Server Core." There's still something called Server Manager, but it's completely different from the Server Managers we've seen since 2003 SP1. <br /> <br /> The biggest change in server management is, however, not the all-new Server Manager; -- no, that title has to go to the ten-fold increase in PowerShell tools. And from that point, there's the constant need to keep an eye on things and tweak what needs tweaking. With 2012, though, there are so many more ways to keep things running, and who better to explain those things than Windows expert and bestselling author Mark Minasi. Give him just 75 minutes and we guarantee you'll be ready to crack the whip on your new servers more quickly, easily, and consistently... and deliver a few laughs in the process. Don't miss this session, or you may end up helplessly trapped in the Roles and Features wizard, and trust us, that is a terrible way to go! <br />

Mark Minasi


Mark Minasi (MR&D) je avtor številnih uspešnic, pisec, komentator in svetovalec na področju informacijskih tehnologij. Najbolj poznan je po svojih delih "Mastering Windows Server" in "Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance Guide". Je izredno priljubljen govorec in vodja seminarjev na tehničnih konferencah po svetu, saj s sproščenim in zabavnim pristopom tudi najbolj poglobljenim tehničnim vsebinam vdihne preprostost in zabavnost, pri svojem delu pa je osredotočen na operacijske sisteme in omrežja.