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Top Developer Mistakes When Using SQL Server

<p>Being the acting DBA while at the same time doing development &amp; managing a team of .NET developers, I've learned a trick or two through the years. For this session, I've gathered my list of top tricks any .NET developer should know about, and use, when dealing with SQL Server. I will cover how to use TransactionScopes without locking up the database, avoiding MSDTC escalation, utilizing internal batching functions in the BCL through reflection, avoiding unnecessary round trips, and much more. These are tips, tricks &amp; best practices I ensure all my developers are taught, before they have a chance of committing code to our production systems.</p> <p>In this session I will walk you through some of the most typical mistakes that .NET developers make when using SQL Server. Things like ignoring the default isolation mode, sending multiple queries that can easily be batched together, wrongful use of transaction scopes, and much more. This won't be a 101 on how to use SQL Server, but rather an in-depth look at how to optimize the use of SQL Server, from the perspective of a .NET developer&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Mark S. Rasmussen

iPaper A/S

Mark has worked extensively with SQL Server, primarily focused on performance optimization and internals. Besides SQL Server Mark is also proficient in the Microsoft .NET development stack with a decade of experience. Fueled by his interest in the nitty-gritty details and feedback from an early presentation, Mark started the OrcaMDF open source project that aims to provide a completely standalone parser for SQL Server MDF files. Mark is an active member of the Danish community, speaking avidly at local events & user groups and is recognized by Microsoft as a Microsoft Designated Information Provider. Furthermore he blogs actively at http://improve.dk