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Avoiding common Windows Phone and Windows Store app certification failures

While development of Windows Phone and Windows Store modern apps is a very exciting process, common wish among developers is to deliver their apps to the users as soon as possible. Just like developers, Microsoft is also caring deeply about users and their experience, so every app submitted for certification and publishing to the Store, goes through detailed security and usage testing, in order to ensure that it meets certification criteria, or simply said, that it works as advertised.However, during the development process, and especially during the process of publishing developer's first app, many Store requirements are overseen, which leads to the certification failures and developer frustration. You know that feeling when you have to publish your app to the Store by certain deadline. During the session, you'll be able to learn more about common mistakes during process of Windows Phone and Windows Store app certification process, along with plenty of tips on how to avoid them. If you're having troubles with certification of your apps or you're about to publish your first app, this is the session for you. By investing time in this session now, you’ll save your time when publishing later.

Enis Šahinović

Enis Šahinović

Enis Sahinovic, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft Bosnia and Herzegovina, is also a founder and former Editor-in-Chief of Bosnian tech e-magazine HardwareBase.net. During a 13-year career he has worked as an Editor-in-Chief of InsideHW.com, News Editor of Tbreak.com and Contributing Editor of printed tech magazines like Digital, PC Magazine, Info Magazine and Mreza. For more than 6 years he has worked as Foxconn's Marketing Director for Adriatic region. Beside his day job, Enis is also writing about latest technologies, Microsoft development platform and market analysis, while being actively involved in distributed computing research (projects like Folding @ Home and ClimatePrediction.net), as well as development of mobile and web apps. He is a regular contributor to Microsoft Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina and speaker on popular tech conferences in region like MS NetWork, Sinergija, Mobility Day, NTK, WinDays and others. Enis holds a Master degree in electrical engineering and computer science.