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How To Aggregate, Analyze And Combine Data In Hybrid World In Online Azure Environment Or On-Premise

We will discuss how successful enterprises handle the overflow of information in a time, where more and more of our data lives in the cloud. Still, many enterprises have on-premise data and need access to this data as well to make good business decisions. This situation creates a requirement for hybrid solutions that combine old legacy data and storage with highly accessible online/cloud data.

Roar Hansen

VirtualWorks Group, Inc. (v partnerstvu s Konica Minolta).

heads the Professional Services operations of VirtualWorks in the EMEA region. VirtualWorks is a US company founded by the late Ed Iacobucci, the co-founder of Citrix. With his team of System Specialists and Engineers, Roar delivers indexing and search solutions helping to enterprises in many territories. With a diverse background from Hospitality and Telepresence industries, he offers a fresh and inspiring look into how companies can work more efficiently using leading edge technologies.  

David Cummins

VirtualWorks Group, Inc. (v partnerstvu s Konica Minolta).

has worked for over 15 years in the enterprise software space across 25 countries, and is passionate about new technologies. He has worked with a wide range of enterprises helping them find the best enterprise search solution for their business from international financial institutions to smaller entities. He is currently working with VirtualWorks, and is responsible for the partnership with Konica Minolta.