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Ponovitev predavanja: Internet of Things: a real example with a home automation system using Arduino, Netduino and Microsoft Azure

This session will explain - by following a real example of a home automation system - what is an Internet of Things project. It will cover a full methodology to create an Internet of Things project: objects, infrastructure, data analyses and intelligence. You will learn in the session how to post data to Microsoft Azure from various embedded hardware like Arduino, Netduino and how to use Microsoft Azure as a backend, exposing, analyzing the data. And finally you’ll see how to influence back the objects and their environment with the generated data.

Laurent Ellerbach


Laurent Ellerbach drives a marketing and technical evangelism teams over Central and Eastern Europe targeting IT Pro and Developers. He is in charge to engage and satisfy technical audiences (professional developers, technical students and IT Professionals) through online, events and content. He manages remote teams over 30 countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Laurent has both an engineering degree from ParisTech Arts et Métiers (France) and a Marketing degree from ESCP Europe. He loves both technologies and marketing, he is still developing overnight and during free time. He also give marketing courses at HEC and other business schools as well as internally at Microsoft. He is the happy father of 2 boys. Laurent is also a fan of Lego, cheese and good wine.