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DevOps: Develop, Integrate and Deploy continuously with Containers and Microsoft DevOps

One of the main prerequisites for achieving an optimized delivery of value to end users is the implementation of an automated delivery pipeline. Quick and easy “push-button” deliveries enabled by such a pipeline are a guarantee for a robust and consistent release process which leads your team towards the successful implementation of baseline DevOps practices. Using the Build and Release Management toolsets provided by Visual Studio Team Services and Team Foundation Server you can build traceable automated delivery processes consisting of build, deployment, testing and verification steps that progressively deliver your software packages through a series of stages and environments from development all the way to production. With their lightweight componentization, containers in general and Docker in particular are arising as the supplementary technology that will further optimize practices in many areas necessary for the success in DevOps. Using containers, Developers and Testers can easily create and work with development and test environments knowing that very similar environments are used in production. IT operations has no doubts about what has to be delivered, because self-sufficient containers have been already prepared and tested. Applications can be easily scaled and it is easy to adapt to increased demands by adding more containers. This session will explain and demo both Release Management and Docker concepts. We will demonstrate how developers can benefit from Docker on their workstations, and discuss the details of Release Management using an example of a multiple staged automated delivery pipeline for a dockerized demo application running in Azure. Join us to see how Release Management and containers can help you succeed in DevOps and frequently deliver high quality software with ease.

Ognjen Bajić

Microsoft MVP

Ognjen Bajic is consultant, architect and project manager at Croatian company Ekobit (www.ekobit.com). Previously, for more than a decade he was full time C++ and .NET developer. Ognjen manages teams that develop commercial software packages, some of which are sold in hundreds of thousands of copies. His main points of interest are the agile software development methodologies used to develop high quality, (almost :-)) bug free software. Ognjen has been leading the development of TeamCompanion, TFS client embedded in Outlook (www.teamcompanion.com) from its beginning. Implementing best practices, using his knowledge and experience and introducing the most appropriate tools, Ognjen helps customers optimize their development processes and achieve excellence in continuous delivery and DevOps. He has been working with Microsoft Visual Studio ALM tools since summer 2004 and has been speaking extensively about his experiences at various local and international events like Microsoft TechEd, NT Konferenca or WinDays. Ognjen has been awarded MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for VS ALM annually since 2006. He also holds following certificates: PMP, MCSD:ALM, MCTS:TFS, MCSD.NET, CSM and PSM I.  

Ana Roje Ivančić

Microsoft MVP

Ana is an ALM and TFS consultant at Ekobit, Croatia. She primarily works on implementing ALM environments supported by TFS for development teams of different sizes. This includes the full set of services related to planning, installation, integration and customization, as well as training and consulting the team in order to efficiently make their transition and start using the tools according to best practices. Besides that, her main points of interest include agile software development methodologies and practices. In addition, she plays the role of Principal Design Reviewer and Tester for TeamCompanion. Previously she worked as project manager and senior software developer. She started in 2000 with C++, SQL and XML, and continued with C# and .NET related technologies. 2006-2008 she led an agile distributed team working on the first Croatian software project fully supported by the VS ALM environment. Ana delivers regular training workshops and speaks publicly about her extensive experiences. She presented at various local and international events like Microsoft Windays, Advanced Developers Day, DevArena and NT Konferenca, and delivered numerous public (Microsoft Innovation Center) and customer tailored trainings (Telecom, ISV, Postal Services, Banking, etc.). She attended several worldwide developer conferences like Microsoft TechEd, Microsoft PDC, ALM Forum 2014 and Build 2015. She holds following certificates MCSD:ALM, CSM, MCTS:TFS, MCSD.NET and MCDBA.