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Minimizing consequences of data breach (or how to prevent Ashely Madison scenario)

Intrusions into the systems have become so common, that there is no single day without news headline. The data, trade secrets, private habits of users are becoming the subject of "public" unauthorized access. Outcomes are blackmailing, loss of reputation and credibility or even worst of that. SQL Server is a service that represents the last line of defense and as such deserves special attention. If an attacker compromises all the layers of protection prior to the database server, then the chances for the "data leak" are very high. However, there are mechanisms, methods and tools within SQL Server 2016 platform to make data totally useless, even if an attacker comes into possession of backup media, data and/or backup files.

Jasmin Azemović

Faculty of Information Technology in Mostar

Jasmin Azemović is Professor at the Faculty of Information Technology in Mostar. He is active in the area of databases and information security. Fields of interest: Security and privacy of data, forensic analysis and detection of fraud, SQL Server administration, and eLearning systems. He has an academic degree Ph.D. in the field of modeling, design and development an environment for the preservation of privacy beyond traditional SQL limitations. Also he is regular speaker on regional IT events: MS Network, WinDays, NTK and Sinergija. Author of many scientific and research papers indexed in IEEE, Compendex, Inspec, Thomson and ACM databases and writer of the books: Securing SQL Server 2012 Environment and Writing T-SQL Queries using Microsoft SQL Server 2012 2012, MVP Press.