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USQL – The force awakens

SQL-based languages have been among us for many years. Besides the fact that their use is mastered by a large number of developers, we should not question their simplicity, effectiveness and efficiency in creating different types of analysis. However, the problem of scalability, the support for unstructured data and files, are certainly not positive characteristics of these languages. As a possible solution to the previously mentioned deficiencies, Microsoft has offered a completely new language known as USQL. Namely, it is an advanced version of the SQL language that enables scalability using the C# programming language. Combination of the two respectable languages (SQL and C #) provides a completely unified experience related to the extension of the specific language and provides an efficient way for finding usable information in the ocean of the corporate data. In this presentation I will introduce the basic concepts related to the application of USQL and practical examples in which this new language shows its dominance.

Denis Mušić

Faculty of Information Technology in Mostar

Denis Mušić works as an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Information Technologies (Dzemal Bijedic University, Mostar). He teaches courses related to programming and principles of software development in general. He gained extensive experience in the development of projects related to Health care information systems, eUniverstity services and as a consultant for private companies. Denis is also the coordinator of the Microsoft IT Academy at the Faculty, and owns an MCT title In addition, he organizes popular FIT Coding Challenge (cc.fit.ba) competition, prepare courses published by the MVP-Press, and is a very active member of the local MS community