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Windows 10 – the Platform for More Personal Computing?

Salt and pepper. Fish and chips. Starsky and Hutch. Windows and PC. Just as Windows became intrinsically linked with personal computing, Microsoft is working to make that just-over-the-horizon leap towards natural interaction and ‘More Personal Computing’ (MPC). It’s already surfacing today in technologies like ‘Cortana’ and ‘Windows Hello’. In this session, we’ll take a demo-based approach to look at the MPC technologies that Windows developers already have available to them in the Universal Windows Platform. We’ll look at what we can do with pens, touch, speech, gesture, gaze, facial recognition, skeletal and hand tracking, and we’ll see what the Windows 10 app platform has to offer developers building modern apps with an ever-more personal touch. You should expect Visual Studio, C# code and XAML UI.

Mike Taulty


Mike Taulty works in the Developer and Platform Group at Microsoft in the UK where he has spent the past few years helping developers understand and get the best from the Microsoft platform. Prior to this, Mike spent 3 years with Microsoft Consulting Services as a consultant on developer technologies. Before joining Microsoft, Mike spent the previous 9 years working as a software developer for a number of enterprises, consultancies and software vendors working with a variety of operating system, client, communication and server technologies. You can find more of a complete career history over on LinkedIn. Mike holds a BSc Hons (1st Class) in Computer Science from the University of Leeds.