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Windows App Studio - Windows apps for 45 minutes

Windows App Studio is Microsoft's Web development tool, which allows rapid and efficient development of applications for Windows without writing code. No matter whether you are a developer or not, this tool will allow you the rapid development of Universal Windows Platform apps for Windows 10 (UWP) or Universal Windows apps for Windows/Windows Phone 8.1 based on predefined templates. Although it is not functional as Microsoft Visual Studio, it gives a lot of possibilities and options for the development of very powerful and good designed WP8 applications. Also you can benefit from Visual Studio and export your project in Visual Studio to fine tine your app. In demo it will be demonstrated creating specific applications in four basic steps. The first step is to define applications and basic information such as title, logo, description and language, then define the content, configure the app and the last phase is the generation of applications. During the session will be explained basic concepts such as data sources and sections as well as possible sources of data that can be used within the App Studio. Generated publish package can be immediately placed on the Windows Dev Center for certification or if it is necessary to import project into the Visual Studio environment for further refinement. Agenda: - Templates for creating new application - Main application data: title, description, logo and language - Application concept in Windows App Studio - Defining data: data source, sections and using predefined data source - Define custom data source using Collection data source - Using static Resources - Using App Studio Data Services - Styling the app - Generating application - Export to Microsoft Visual Studio

Spaso Lazarevic


Spaso Lazarević is Microsoft MVP Visual Studio and Development Technologies (ex. .NET or Visual C#) since October 2012 and actively work as software developer for more than 16 years. Participate as speaker in many conferences in region: MSNetwork, MSCommunity, TechDay, Windows Phone Week in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sinergija and Tarabica in Serbia, WinDays, MobilityDay in Croatia, NTK in Slovenia and also on many User group meetings in Bosnia and Hercegovina. Also Spaso was a mentor on Mobile App Acceleration Camp In Osijek, Croatia for Startup projects from Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina for development of Windows Phone apps. Speaker and organizer on many events related to development of Universal Windows Apps, Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 apps. Spaso is winner of many local and regional prizes for Windows/Windows Phone development. Author of many Windows Phone/Windows apps such as Crkveni Kalendar and Picture Info. Currently work as Software Engineer in Research & Development Department at MED-EL GmbH in Austria (www.medel.com).