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Identity Server 4 and ASP.NET Core

Are you developing applications in new ASP.NET Core framework, or maybe you want to? Key component of every web application or API is authentication and authorization. We will show how to easily protect your web application/API with Identity Server 4 and how to enable access to it from various clients, like another web application, Windows (UWP), Javascript or console application. Key concepts of OAuth2 and OpenID will be explained, on which Identity Server 4 is based. All features will be demonstrated in practical demo which will be available later on Github for download.

Marko Tošić

Proteron savjetovanje d.o.o.

Marko Tošić has graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, with degree in Computer Science after which he spent 5 years in Microsoft Croatia as a Consultant. Currently he is working in Proteron, primarly focused on new technologies regarding web, mobile and BI solutions in the cloud. In his own time he attends rock concerts and festivals, catches on some good SF/fantasy book and tries to play football without breaking anything.