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Who needs design patterns anyway?

Even developers have buzzwords such as MVC, MVP, MVVM, IoC, DI, memoization, patterns, immutable code; but what is their significance? Are they merely buzzwords? Are they something more than simply whiteboard questions? Should we understand them or just npm install buzzword? In this session we will explore how patterns arise in our code and what is the proper way to teach said patterns to newcomers and experts alike. Come to this session to learn more about why we even need design patterns and attain ninja level watercooler comments about O(*) complexity of the DI implementation in your Favorite Framework™.

Toni Petrina

Microsoft MVP

Speaker, blogger, developer, Microsoft MVP for C# and all-around technology enthusiast. He spends most of the time at the keyboard typing yet another demo or application. If you take his keyboard away from him, he will give a session at regional conferences. Strong proponent of Open Source and all things chocolate. Loves mobile and game development, web and cloud services. Too little time for too many things.