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Azure Cloud Computing Services - Back to Basics - Why is cloud computing the best option now, and the only option for the future?

Microsoft Azure Cloud computing services are now available at affordable prices and accessible for all scales of businesses. The economic benefits to adopting Cloud computing are enormous and many leading companies in Slovenia have already embraced Microsoft Azure Cloud computing workloads over the past few years. However, the cloud adoption rate is still lower than Western EU countries or even CEE average. In part, this can be contributed to confusion around the cloud financial impact, management and business benefits. While it's widely considered to be cheaper than On-Premisses, even some experienced business transformational leaders, IT departments, BDMs and decision makers have troubles justifying increase in OPEX costs effectively making their companies unable to realize their full potential, having substantially lower income margins, quality of service and speed to market. This presentation's aims is to deal with this confusion by going back to the basics, share concrete use cases from Adriatic region, deal with main cloud adoption blockers, explain new offerings like Reserved Instances, and showcase Microsoft's Azure Public Cloud Platform Services and ISV solutions which should be considered as a starting point on the path of Cloud adoption. A part of the presentation will explain the added value of Azure Stack which can be used in connected and disconnected mode. The main focus will be on Microsoft Intelligent Cloud - Infrastructure and Applications domain.

Marko Vahen

Microsoft Slovenija

Marko Vahen is Microsoft Solution Sales Professional for Microsoft Innovative Cloud - Infrastructure and Applications responsible for EU - Multi-Country Adriatics region. After finishing his Masters degree in Economics (MScBA) Marko worked in FSI sector in Slovenia. He joined Microsoft after working for IBM where he was Cloud Software and Services Channel Sales Leader responsible for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), In his free time, he is mainly taking care of his 5 year old daughter and his 3 year old son, and if there’s any time left he likes to organize horseback riding expeditions to Mongolia or climb Kilimanjaro mountain.