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Brave new world – discussion by two Microsoft Strategists

Advances that happened throughout our industry in the past decade have completely changed the way technology is helping individuals and organizations throughout the world. They too have changed, from the way they work, the way they live, the way they eat food or better to say the way they buy food and other products and the way those products are being grown and developed. It truly is a brand new world! In that new world, we as IT specialists play the key role – we are the ones who are leading the change. This session will enable you to better understand how Cloud, DevOps, and OpenSource technologies will impact you, your career and your whole professional life.

Tomislav Tipurić


Tomislav is a Partner Technology Strategist in Microsoft MCE region and is primarily responsible for Microsoft partners that leverage cloud services in their standard offerings and whose business models are based on Azure, Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud technologies. He is with Microsoft for the past 9 years and has been in charge of working with development and system engineers to implement the latest Microsoft technologies. Before working for Microsoft, he worked in web application development, as an independent expert, and as an engineer in a development team. More recently, he deals with Microsoft Azure and cloud computing in general so that most of his time is spent in direct collaboration with partners on their solutions as well as on transferring knowledge at all major technical and business conferences in the region, presenting and positioning Microsoft products in a new IT era.  

Igor Pavlekovic

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