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AI Devops using Azure Maching Learning Service

One of the biggest challenges of AI development teams is to have a reliable process which allows to move AI models from research stage to production. A lot of work needs to be done to make data science results repeatable in production, automate model management, monitoring and development life cycle. Azure Machine Learning Service is a tool designed to ease the pain and allow AI developers to use the cloud with little effort without developing a lot of custom frameworks.

Andrey Vykhodtsev

Microsoft d.o.o.

Andrey Vykhodtsev works at Microsoft as a Regional Advanced Analytics & AI Architect, covering Central and Eastern Europe. Andrey has more than 15 years of experience building scalable analytics on open source and vendor technologies, and a track record of senior Advanced Analytics architect and team leader roles in the companies like Teradata, Deutsche Bank and IBM.  Andrey is a data science practitioner, fluent in Python, an expert and a trainer in open source projects like Apache Hadoop and Spark, and an organizer of various data science and big data related events and meetups in Eastern Europe.  

Adrian Calinescu