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How to Protect server workloads across datacenter and cloud with Azure Security Center

When we look at the security landscape, we see that organizations continue to face INCREASED challenges that substantially enhance the risk of significant financial loss, damage to market reputation and customer satisfaction. Some of these challenges are: 1) Security experts are hard to recruit and retain, 2) Maintaining infrastructure security in your datacenter requires enormous investments and resources without a clear ROI, 3) Maintaining a strong security posture with myriad tools is difficult, given each tool requires manual configuration, is time consuming and can introduce security gaps, 4) The volume and complexity of threats continues to increase, 5) Too much data providing few insights that help to respond quickly and accurately. This session covers - also through live demo (from business and technical perspective) how Microsoft Azure Security Center will help you and your organizations overcome these challenges and strengthen your security posture, Protect yourself against threats and Get Secure Faster!

Marko Vahen

Microsoft d.o.o.

Marko Vahen is Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect for Apps & Infra covering CEE area as a part of the CEE STU team. He joined Microsoft 3 years ago as a Solution Sales Professional for Intelligent Cloud – Infra & Apps from IBM where he was Cloud Software and Services Channel Sales Leader for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Marko holds a Master’s of Science and Business Administration (MScBa) degree in Technology Management, Strategic Marketing, and International Finance.