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How to shift cyber security to the defender´s advantage

Pulling off targeted attacks requires a variety of skills and resources, and a fair degree of sophistication. While it’s possible an individual might sometimes manage such an attack, groups of experts are usually involved. And, given the targets of these attacks – which often include military and government agencies, diplomatic operations and strategic infrastructure – the majority of targeted attack groups have state-sponsored hallmarks. Later on these resources are passed on to be used on private entities and organizations. We are going to talk about detection and response models that you can adapt to help you built your post breach strategy with emphasis also on incident response activities organizations should undertake in order to get advantage over the attackers they face.

Ian Whiteside

F-Secure Corporation

Ian has been in the security industry for over a decade and has been responsible for many global sales Initiatives from end point to detection and response as well as specializing in security for cloud solutions that adapt the shared responsibility model. A knowledge of customer needs and industry trends have enabled Ian to be multi-linguistic in marketing and sales, tech, training, coaching, mentoring, motivating and social media among many other things.  

Barbara Puklavec

F-Secure Corporation