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Introduction to Data Binding and MVVM in Xamarin.Forms

One of my favourite architectural patterns is MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel). MVVM enables you to get full code separation between your business logic and UI related code. If you are a Xamarin developer, either you are using Xamarin.Forms or traditional approach you can use MVVM as a pattern for your app. This session has a goal to introduce attendees with MVVM pattern with one Xamarin.Forms app with a lot of practical demo examples. Xamarin.Forms out-of-the-box gives you the opportunity to use MVVM so there is no need for third-party libraries to achieve that. Some of the examples which we will cover are refreshing the UI when some property value is changed, using different handlers and commanding, navigation. Also, we will take a look at some popular MVVM frameworks out there which can be used and what are the pros and cons of them. See you on the session!

Almir Vuk

App Impact d.o.o. Sarajevo

Microsoft MVP - .NET Mobile and Web developer - Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer - Microsoft Certified Professional. Frequent speaker at Microsoft events and User Group meetings in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In free time loves to play chess, write blog posts, help community on StackOverflow and MSDN forums, contribute to open source projects, or be instructor at NGO programming related events. Completely dedicated to Software Development, mostly on the .NET platform using C# and ASP.NET for web and Xamarin for mobile development. In love with programming since childhood days.