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Just add water: Azure IoT starter solutions

Developing an IoT solution from scratch can be difficult, especially if your company is new to the field. Microsoft noticed this, and now these is stuff in Azure that can help. I’m talking about PaaS Azure IoT Suite (now V2) and SaaS Microsoft IoT Central offering. This presentation aims to explain what they are, when to use one or the other, what are their fortes and pitfalls. We will try also to answer the important question if these are more architectural references, highly elaborate sales demos, or solutions to sell. Of course, we will see them at work. And, of course, you will have all the information to get you started using and/or customizing with these kinds of IoT solutions.

Catalin Gheorghiu

I Computer Solutions

Catalin Gheorghiu is a solution architect from Romania. The current interests are in the area of (I)IoT, industrial mobile and cloud solutions. In addition to addressing the software development and architecture, is a trainer and consultant. In his spare time is member of the technical community, contributing with articles and blogs (signed MrSmersh), presentations to several user groups/meetups (also is RONUA Timisoara user group leader), and lecturing all over Romania and abroad. Since 2011, every year he was awarded the Microsoft MVP Award. Is also a current holder of the Intel Software Innovator Award.  

Rastko Djordjevic

I Computer Solutions

Rastko Đorđević is a 17 year old and a student at High School of Electrical Engineering "Nikola Tesla". He's had many lectures at local and regional IT conferences. His main focus is Microsoft technologies, especially the IoT ecosystem, as well as Windows IoT and .NET Core cross-platform development. He mainly uses C# for programming, but he loves to experiment and learn new programming languages.