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Teamwrok Deepdive

Modern collaboration deep dive in scenarios of usage and new feature demos on Microsoft Teams. Best practices and experience sharing for right scenarios for business. Third party apps integrations (LMS365, MindMeister and others). Securing Teams environment and different file secure and encryption scenario in SharePoint Online for Teams.

Tomas Ruzgys


20 years of experience in Team leading, Digital transformation projects, IT project management, Change management, IT management, Business processes, sales of cloud solutions and training in multiple countries. Have deep experience in relationships and sales process with Government and academic organizations. Change management expertise: working on digital transformation projects in enterprises for cloud adoption and usage. My main tasks usually are to make seminars and training's for executives on how to change processes and how to use technologies in different scenarios, drive organization change planning and oversee the implementation. Also helping with right implementation of technologies in production for business and IT. Project delivery experience: IT infrastructure and sales project management experience in Denmark and Lithuania. Deep knowledge with delivering projects in Government organizations and remote driving of international project team of 3 - 12 members in team with people from Denmark, Lithuania, India in the same projects. Technical experience: Expert of Microsoft Office365 cloud services, well knowing Microsoft Azure cloud technologies.