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What has happened?

So, you have happily deployed some workloads to Microsoft Azure, using Office 365 and Dynamics 365 and everything works perfectly. But then, something happens… You might be unable to sing-in or your VMs are not working, or your Outlook can’t sync with server and you have no new messages available… Something is wrong, and your level of panic slowly starts to rise. What to do? Whom to call? Where to look for statuses and resolution times? Do you have right for SLA beach compensation or not? Situation mentioned above really could happen and we at Microsoft are fully aware of it. To mitigate stressful situations if that unfortunate event should happen, we are trained to handle that kind of situations and we think that you should know how to react in those situations. In this session, you will see how process looks like, what are the responsibilities of Microsoft and what you as a customer could do in advance to be prepared if that kind of event should happen.

Igor Pavlekovic

Microsoft Hrvatska

Igor Pavlekovic is working in Microsoft as Partner Technology Strategist, and he is in charge to drive technology strategy with partner ecosystem. Before this position, Igor was working as Account Technology Strategist where he was in charge to drive enterprise customers through their technology innovation journey. Before Microsoft, Igor worked as CTO in educational group Algebra, Croatia, while he used to train and teach students about collaboration systems (Exchange, Lync and Office 365) as a part of MOC training and as assistant professor on multiple subjects on University College of Applied Computer Sciences. While he was searching for his path in IT world, he used to develop, that is today almost vanished as a knowledge from his mid. He’s passionate about security topics and gadgets, while his all beloved technology is Exchange server.