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Azure Networking Inside and Out

Azure Networking is fundamental in Azure IaaS and the first step in moving or extending your DataCenter to the cloud. This session covers all aspects of Azure Networking, from IP addresses, VNets, to P2S, S2S, and ExpressRoute connections. We discuss how IP addresses are assigned, how to reserve IP addresses, the difference between IP address types, create VNet/subnet, assign new VM to your VNet/subnet, connect your local network to VNet, the connection between different VNets, connect VNet on different subscriptions, and more. Every step is covered in a live demo and real-world examples.

Mustafa Toroman


Mustafa Toroman is a solution architect at Cloudeon, focused on cloud-native applications and migrating existing systems to the cloud. He is very interested in DevOps processes and cyber security, and he is also an Infrastructure-as-Code enthusiast and DevOps Institute Ambassador. Mustafa often speaks at international conferences about cloud technologies. He has been awarded MVP for Microsoft Azure since 2016 and C# Corner MVP since 2020. Mustafa also authored several books about Microsoft Azure and cloud computing.