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EOS Client for Microsoft Windows

EOS is CERN storage technology used at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The current installation at CERN handles more than 350 PB of data, and it assures high data throughput, high availability, and low latency. EOS is based on various open-source components, and it is implemented for Linux operating system. Until now, access for the Windows file system was possible indirectly, as Samba to mount Linux file system on Windows. EOS Windows Native Client (EOS-wnc), developed by Comtrade, is the solution for direct connection between Windows and EOS storage server. EOS-wnc is written in MS Visual Studio and contains optimized and verified EOS storage algorithms and allows EOS storage on Windows, presented as an additional Windows drive. EOS-wnc contains CLI for the administration of EOS server on Linux and EOS local client on Windows. EOS-wnc offers the possibility for the company’s internal highly reliable cloud storage that is scalable “without storage size barriers”. We will present EOS high-level architecture and live connection with Windows operating system to EOS server at CERN.

Gregor Molan

Comtrade 360 d.o.o.

Gregor Molan is currently head of Science and Research at Comtrade. Since 1997 he merges software engineering with research on algorithms based on theory from formal languages to graph theory and type theory. Research projects are financed by Slovenian and EU research grants. Decades of experiences from software development and system architecture, combined with ample research experience form a unique background for his current role as a research lead, primarily focused on storage with artificial intelligence and its’ applications.  

Luca Mascetti


Leader of the Physics Data Services section in the IT department at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland). Managing the design, development, operations and support of storage and data transfer services for physics and their evolution. Expert in large-scale operations for several storage services, sync and share solutions and shared filesystems.