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Lessons from the Field: Hacking Techniques that Always Work

When we analyze the attacks that are currently happening, we will clearly see an upward trend. It is important to know what types of misconfigurations could be at the beginning of the attack. During the presentation Paula will be demoing various examples kill-chains, most of them taken from practice. Kill-chains represent realistic but also surprising infrastructure take overs, they usually start with user or even no privileges. Demonstrations will be followed up with zero trust approach for administrative accounts, implemented according to best security practices. This talk will investigate the newly emerging attacks, as well as various case-studies on how currently the kill-chain looks like. Participants will receive ready-to-launch approach to mitigate the most deadly cybersecurity issues.

Paula Januszkiewicz


Paula Januszkiewicz is a world-renowned cybersecurity Expert, a founder of CQURE and CQURE Academy, and Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. CQURE Academy focuses on cybersecurity training program consisting of over 20 high-quality technical workshops and seminars and providing certification to specialists. Additionally, in October 2016 CQURE has successfully launched online and subscription-based training. CQURE Experts speak at international events and engage in multiple cybersecurity projects – they bring their knowledge and experience to trainings. CQURE Academy also involves R&D – that is why CQURE Team is recognizable in the cybersecurity field.