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Microsoft Passwordless Authentication in Microsoft 365 with FIDO2 Security Key - how to

Every user who uses a computer encounters a system nightmare, namely passwords. Throughout history, passwords have been simple, so they got complicated with special signs, frequent changes. So, more factor authentication has also emerged for complicating malicious users' use of other people's access data. And if you own multiple devices on multiple platforms, get lost in passwords. Microsoft has recently been offering Passwordless authentication through FIDO2 Security Key. What is FIDO and how is it used, what are the requirements, what are the advantages? In the lecture, you will learn through theory and practice Demo how to set up it and use it with mobile and computer PC.

Tomislav Lulić

Cloud Consulting

Tomislav is an IT Professional with more than 20 years of experience, Microsoft MVP for Office Apps and Services, and Microsoft Certified Trainer. He is working in WorldBank in Zagreb as IT Analyst. Highly skilled in managing IT departments, processes, and projects. Proficient in Manufacturing (food, metal), Healthcare, and logistics. Helping businesses become more efficient and effective with optimal use of IT people, process, and technology resources. Lecturer on many conferences in Croatia and abroad (Advanced Technology Day, Windays, MSNetworks, KulenDayz, MS Sinergija, Collaboration Summit, Office 365, and SharePoint Conference) and IT communities in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, etc. Community User Group Lead for EDU IT Pro and IT Pro in Zagreb [Croatia]. Great experience in Software Asset Management. ISO 20000/27001 Lead Auditor and ITIL v4 certified. Born and live in Zagreb.