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Top 10 Big Little Sins about the Infrastructure Security: On Premise & In the Cloud

While the global cloud computing market size is projected to reach USD 760.98 billion by 2027 (source: Fortune Business Insights), cloud security data breaches will be also rapidly increasing. This is why understanding and implementing cloud security is crucial for any successful business in this new decade. It is not everything, as there are lots of common and uncommon security mistakes that could be made by administrators. The reasons for misconfiguration are very typical: lack of time, lack of monitoring systems, lack of knowledge, but it could be even the nerve-racking and unpredictable 2020 reality. Of course, common mistakes are very serious and can lead to some serious security breaches. Nobody likes when the passwords of your users are being cracked, right? Nobody likes to see this in the audit report. During this session Paula would like to discuss the so-called "Big Little Sins" of the infrastructure.

Paula Januszkiewicz


Paula Januszkiewicz is a world-renowned cybersecurity Expert, a founder of CQURE and CQURE Academy, and Microsoft Regional Director and MVP. CQURE Academy focuses on cybersecurity training program consisting of over 20 high-quality technical workshops and seminars and providing certification to specialists. Additionally, in October 2016 CQURE has successfully launched online and subscription-based training. CQURE Experts speak at international events and engage in multiple cybersecurity projects – they bring their knowledge and experience to trainings. CQURE Academy also involves R&D – that is why CQURE Team is recognizable in the cybersecurity field.