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Zero Trust Security in Practice

Zero trust was already a buzzword in security circles for a while, but the pandemic made this concept widely discussed among CIOs and CISOs of organizations. In our presentation, we would like to introduce practical aspects of this initiative - how to implement Zero Trust in your organizations and the first steps when introducing this concept. We will share best practices for enabling secure external collaboration practice in your organization based on the Zero Trust concept.

Zsolt Batorfi

Softline Services Kft.

Zsolt Batorfi - Chief Cloud Adoption Advisor With 20+ years of industry practice in software engineering, design, and technology advisory, he is ready to contribute to making and adopting cloud services for enterprises. He has supported multiple organizations to fully leverage the secure internal and external collaboration and information protection capabilities of their Microsoft 365 subscriptions during recent projects. His expertise spans Microsoft 365 productivity solutions, Microsoft's Azure Platform Services, and modern web and device application experiences. Zsolt is a platform expert, enterprise design thinker, trainer, and solution architect in one person.