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All new and cloudy Windows LAPS!

The Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) is one the most used Active Directory extensions by Enterprise administrators. Microsoft acknowledged that and made it Windows native. Not only that, but it has some great new features like backing up passwords to Azure Active Directory, encrypting passwords, storing password history, automatic password reset when used, and many more. In this session I introduce you to LAPS, demonstrate it, including its new features, and compare it to the LAPS you already know and love. As always, I have an "ask anything" section in the Q&A part of the session.

Tomislav Fučkar

APIS IT d.o.o.

Tomislav Fučkar is an experienced Systems Engineer. In the last 30 years he worked with almost all Microsoft desktop and server OSs and most of their technologies. He has always been interested in identity and security, which paved the path throughout his career. For the last 5 years he has been working at APIS IT, currently leading the Microsoft Identity & Security team. He is responsible for the security of all Microsoft systems with emphasis on Hybrid Identity. His area of expertise is Active Directory, particularly securing and hardening it. He knows how to deal with Azure AD, Azure AD Connect, Active Directory Federation Services and Active Directory Certificate Services. Besides Microsoft technologies, he also has a lot of experience working with CyberArk Privileged Access Management solutions and is a big fan of Powershell. In addition to his work at APIS IT, at the end of 2021, Tomislav became a lecturer at the Algebra Open University. He spends his free time with his family, and you can often see him on the tennis court.