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Ekskluzivna delavnica: Demystifying AI

Limited seats available. >>>>APPLY HERE: https://qrco.de/NTK_Noventiq <<<< Join us for an engaging and insightful workshop that explores the transformative potential of AI in today's digital landscape. At this event, you'll dive into three dynamic sessions led by industry experts. First, Aleksandra Vučičević will reveal how AI-driven virtual assistants are reshaping productivity and user satisfaction with real-world applications. Next, Aleksandar Stojkovic will demystify the world of AI, providing a clear understanding of Azure AI's capabilities and its impact across various industries. Lastly, Ludvik Dornik will tackle the critical topic of cybersecurity, focusing on Microsoft Security and compromised credentials, with a special emphasis on the Slovenian context. Whether you're an AI enthusiast, a technology professional, or a business leader, this workshop promises valuable insights and actionable knowledge to drive innovation and safeguard your digital assets. * Aleksandra Vučičević, Product Owner, Intellya, - Unlocking Efficiency and Satisfaction: The Power of AI Virtual Assistants * Aleksandar Stojkovic, Senior Cloud Solution Architect, Noventiq - Demystifying AI * Ludvik Dornik, Solution Sales, Noventiq - Microsoft Security and compromised credentials with Slovenian origin

Aleksandar Stojkovic


Aleksandar Stojković (better known by his childhood nickname "Kića") is a seasoned technology professional with almost 30 years of experience (but who's counting). As a Senior Cloud Solution Architect at Noventiq, he empowers clients on their Azure adoption journey, ensuring that their cloud projects align with best practices. Prior to his current role, Aleksandar had several pivotal roles at Microsoft, where he focused on Enterprise Architecture, Digital Transformation, and Program management. He's well known for his expertise in guiding businesses through complex digital transformations using cloud architecture and design thinking principles, and he's also a sought-after speaker at various industry conferences. Personally, he is a happily married father of twin boys, enjoying traveling, driving, diving, reading, storytelling and XBOX gaming in free time.  

Aleksandra Vucicevic



Ludvik Dornik