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Intro to Microsoft Fabric, its Components, and Architecture

Join us to discover how Microsoft Fabric changes how we access, manage, and act on data and insights by connecting every data source and analytics service - on a single, AI-powered platform. During this session, we will cover Microsoft Fabric components and architecture with applied demos: 1. Data Warehousing: Warehouse versus Lakehouse experience 2. Power BI: Import mode & Direct Query versus Direct Lake Demos will help better understand the main technical reason for using Fabric.

Andrew Dakhov

Cloud Services

Andrew Dakhov is a Managing Partner in Cloud Services, a technical enthusiast, and a data architect focused on analytics, which empowers businesses to harness the true potential of their data. With over 15 years in technology, he honed a profound expertise in architecting and implementing transformative solutions fueled by Microsoft technologies. His mission is to guide organizations toward maximizing the opportunities of a modern analytics ecosystem, optimizing efficiency, driving growth, and enabling data-driven decisions that pave the way for remarkable success. His strengths are at Microsoft Azure Cloud, building modern data warehouses and analytics solutions for customers using Azure data and analytics products across various industries and company scales. Several years ago, he put most of his efforts into adopting Azure Synapse Analytics for corporate enterprises and seamlessly transitioned to the remarkable world of Microsoft Fabric. With the team, they help businesses implement innovation and establish analytical excellence within their operations. By working collaboratively across diverse industries, his company helped 100+ clients achieve growth in customer satisfaction and exponential revenue growth.