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Protect your artificial friend

Behind us is one of the most interesting years of artificial intelligence with OpenAI that had a huge impact on the IT industry. We are facing reality in which we are surrounded by AI models of different purposes and calibrated to specific needs. In this presentation we are going to cover multiple layer security measures and usual weak spots that can have huge impact on the overall solution health if not covered properly.

Dušan Jovičić

Comtrade SI Sistemske Integracije d.o.o.

Software Engineer experienced in working with cloud solutions with the main focus on development and software architecture. Successfully implementing and maintaining various types of applications: mobile, desktop, and web. Focused on new technologies which include microservices, chatbots, and artificial intelligence. Enjoying sharing knowledge and mentoring, proactively looking for new opportunities and ideas.  

Oliver Nikolić

Comtrade System Integration Beograd

A highly qualified Services consultant with 15 years of experience designing and delivering large-scale ICT solutions. Oliver has a wealth of knowledge about infrastructural technologies and virtualization, especially in the field of cloud technologies, with emphasis on Microsoft Azure, O365, and Security projects. With a can-do attitude and deep technical expertise, he provides ongoing support to internal and external IT stakeholders. Being a keen team player, he also delivers custom workshops to pass on his knowledge and skills to clients and prospects. Over the past years, Oliver was part of various large-scale IT projects, including Office ProPlus deployment for a leading provider to the petroleum industry, a Central registry for a government institution, and high-profile Cloud assessments and migrations.