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SignalR Service - Why, How, and When to Use It?

Azure SignalR Service simplifies the process of adding real-time web functionality to applications over HTTP. This real-time functionality allows the service to push content updates to connected clients, such as a single-page web or mobile application. As a result, clients are updated without polling the server or submitting new HTTP requests for updates. See you all at the session!

Almir Vuk

AgentLocator Inc.

Hi there 👋, I am Microsoft MVP and Software Development Engineer. A frequent regional and international speaker at Microsoft-related events and User Group meetings. While spending free time, loves to play chess, run in nature, write blog posts, help the community on StackOverflow and MSDN forums, contribute to open source projects, or be an instructor at NGO programming-related events. Completely dedicated to Software Development, mostly on the .NET platform, crafting apps using C# and ASP.NET Core for the backend and Xamarin tools for mobile development. Truly been in love with programming since my childhood days.