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Changing cybercrime

Predavanje je v angleškem jeziku.

The cyber landscape and our interactions with it are gradually transforming for a number of social, economical and technologic innovational reasons. The increased reliance on digital third-party partnerships during the pandemic has significantly amplified the level of cyber risk. As organizations rapidly transitioned towards digitalization in response to the pandemic, rogue actors have found avenues to target institutions not only through their own systems but also through less secure third-party entities – and the end user. With a substantial rise in cybercrime worldwide, the significance of cybersecurity is growing exponentially. It is crucial for organisations and businesses to prioritise and maintain a strong state of cyber security. We are undoubtedly entering a period of widespread use of AI, which will soon have a noticeable impact on the security of cyberspace. Opportunity or threat? - many are asking the question. Businesses struggle to adapt to rapid digitalization, leading to a lack of digital security and an increase in cyber attacks. There is a severe shortage of cyber skills globally, while companies deploy too many security tools. New EU regulations, like the NIS2 Directive or DORA will certainly open a new chapter in Europe's cyber defence – and require a focus and commitment from many industries.

Mate Nemes


Máté Nemes joined Mastercard in 2016 as a business analyst and then worked on fraud prevention. From 2020, he is responsible for Mastercard’s cybersecurity and fraud prevention services in Hungary and Slovenia. As a Product Development Manager Máté is working with financial institutions and businesses to prevent payment fraud and prepare companies to face various forms of cyber harm and measure risk associated with cyberattacks.

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