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Optimizing SQL Server Row Level Security

Row Level Security has been introduced in SQL Server 2016 as a feature to control row access in multi-tenant databases. It is a great feature, but only in the last couple of years have customers started replacing their own solutions with it in greater numbers. In this session, we'll learn how it works, how to make it work better, and what issues are there to look out for, all learned from actual customer implementations.

Mladen Prajdić

Mladen Prajdic s.p.

Mladen Prajdić is a Data Platform MVP from Slovenia. He's been programming for 20 years, developing different types of applications in .Net (C#), SQL Server, and Swift, ranging from standard line-of-business image-processing applications to high-performance and IoT applications. He's a regular speaker at various conferences and user group meetings and really likes optimizing slow SQL statements, analyzing performance, and finding unconventional solutions to complex SQL Server problems. In his free time, he also develops a very popular add-in for SSMS, called the SSMS Tools Pack (www.ssmstoolspack.com).